Nele Lenze, PhD



Nele Lenze teaches international media studies at Deutsche Welle Akademie in Bonn, Germany.

She also passed the exam to be an anti-money laundering specialist (CAMS) in 2022.

Nele used to research online culture and participation culture in the Gulf. This includes local and migrant communities. She held positions at the National University of Singapore, the Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwait and the London School of Economics and RMIT Vietnam.

Nele holds a PhD in Middle Eastern Studies and Media Studies from the University of Oslo and obtained her master’s in Arabic literature from Freie University Berlin. Nele co-edited four academic books on media, participation culture and the Middle East and wrote a monograph.

She co-edited Converging Regions: Global Perspectives on Asia and the Middle East (2014) with Charlotte Schriwer as well as The Arab Uprisings: Catalysts, Dynamics, and Trajectories (2014) with Fahed Al-Sumait and Michael Hudson,  Media in the Middle East: Activism, Politics, and Culture (2017) with Charlotte Schriwer and Zubaidah Abdul Jalil. Her monograph Politics and Digital Literature in the Middle East. Perspectives on Online Text and Context  was published with Palgrave (2018). Another edited volume co-edited with Charlotte Schriwer is Participation Culture in the Gulf: Networks, Politics and Identity (2018).

Please contact Nele via email at mail [at] if you have any questions.